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user Rating=3,2 of 10. 76 votes. Cast=Matthew Corbett Davis. year=2011. writed by=Jason Moulton

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Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project is a movie starring Matt Affleck, Ken Auletta, and Peter Bart. An uncensored look at the life and work of film producer Harvey Weinstein
Barry Avrich
ratings - 6,7 / 10 stars
Scores - 302 Votes
creators - Barry Avrich

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  1. directed by=Joe DeMaio
  2. genre=Family
  3. Tomatometers=7,2 of 10 Star
  4. Paul Greenberg
  5. release date=2016

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Avtar Gill, Hrishitaa Bhatt / duration: 1 hours 50minutes / Ever since Badal was an eight year old, he's been in love with violence. As a role model, he chooses the local mafia leader Bachcha Babu. As he grows up, Badal's passion for becoming like Bachcha Babu increases. One day, by chance, he gets the opportunity to join Baccha Babu's gang. He meets a girl called Megha and falls head over heels for her at first sight. However, she wants nothing to do with him. Megha's father, Sharmaji, who is a government school teacher, finds out that Badal is bothering Megha. With the help of his journalist friend, he goes to Bachcha Babu and tells him that Badal is creating trouble in his daughter's life. Bachcha Babu assures the journalist that from now on Badal will not disturb Megha and her family. In the course of events Bachcha Babu bumps into Megha and finds that he wants her for himself - at any cost. Bachcha Babu goes to the extent of killing his own wife to marry Megha.When Badal comes to know that Bachcha Babu is so crazy about Megha that he has killed his own wife, he revolts against Bachcha Babu. Bachcha Babu meanwhile forcefully organizes his wedding with Megha. When Badal finds out that Bachcha Babu has kidnapped Megha, he crashes their wedding and takes Megha away. Now Badal and Megha are on a unique journey as they have to hide from Bachcha Babu and his goons. In this journey, Megha discovers her love for Badal. The question is, will they survive their pursuers? / 2016 / Liked It: 24 votes

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release year=2017 / Writed by=Teong Hin Saw / audience Score=96 vote / Runtime=96M / Summary=You Mean The World To Me is a movie starring Yee Min Eng, Gregg Koay, and Frederick Lee. Sunny has returned to Penang to shoot his new film about his family, without their knowledge. However he has run out of money and is struggling

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creator: Christine Drews


director: Michael Schneider

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Runtime: 1 H 0 minutes. Before a live, sold-old out crowd at The Wilbur Theatre in Boston, the two-time Emmy Award-winner takes comedic aim at everyone from Bill O'Reilly to the Palin family and Kirstie Alley to Michelle Bachman. No one is safe and neither Charlie Sheen, nor The Real Housewives of Atlanta can escape Griffin's laser-focused wit as she takes on any celebrity who stands in her way. score: 81 votes. USA. writer: Kathy Griffin

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Release date=2015 user Rating=6,3 / 10 stars score=192 votes The Great European Disaster Movie is a movie starring Angus Deayton, Flavia Piras Trow, and John Arthur. 30,000ft: sometime in the not-so-distant future. Eight year old Jane Monetti sits aboard an aeroplane destined for Berlin Genre=Documentary

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