summary - Retake is a movie starring Tuc Watkins, Devon Graye, and Derek Phillips. A lonely, middle-aged man hires a male prostitute to recreate a road trip from his past. Directed by - Nick Corporon. Rating - 740 Votes. duration - 1 h 38min. writer - Nick Corporon

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"Brandon, Adam. Devon Graye) had a realistic imperfect body, although an AMAZING face you just must fall in love with! Then there was the other protagonist, Jonathan, Devon Graye) the messed up John. Amazing. Hustlers are screwed up, John's are really strange, I know from experience, it played out as a real possibility, right up to the very end results. Okay, so now I've just watched this movie. 6 stars on IMDb, I thought it was very much better! A realistic portrayal of hustlers, and what they are like. John's and what they can be like. I met guys like this for sure in real life! It all made sense to me.


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