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Far-off (adj... By c. 1200 as an emphatic form of Old English of (see of) employed in the adverbial use of that word. The prepositional meaning "away from" and the adjectival sense of "farther" were not firmly fixed in this variant until 17c., but once they were they left the original of with the transferred and weakened senses of the word. Meaning "not working" is from 1861. Off the cuff "extemporaneously, without preparation" 1938) is from the notion of speaking from notes written in haste on one's shirt cuffs. In reference to clothing, off the rack (adj. not tailored, not made to individual requirements, ready-made" is by 1963, on the notion of buying it from the rack of a clothing store; off the record "not to be publicly disclosed" is from 1933; off the wall "crazy" is 1968, probably from the notion of a lunatic "bouncing off the walls" or else in reference to carom shots in squash, handball, etc.

Off season baseball series. Off season soccer training. Also faroff, distant, remote, 1590s, from adverbial phrase, from far (adv. off (adv... "to kill, 1930, from off (adv. Earlier verbal senses were "to defer" 1640s. to move off" 1882. Related: Offed. Off season finale. Off season disney world. Off season meaning. Off season training. Off season book. Off season cruises. Off-season (n... Off season workout. Off-stage (adj... Of bottle or jar caps, 1959, from the verbal phrase; see twist (v. off (adv...

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