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brief - Schoolgirl Connie wants to learn science, not deportment, and gets her chance when she takes a broken clock to eccentric inventor Professor Branestawm, who offers to teach her. However snide councillor Haggerstone wants to knock down Branestawm's house and replace it with Mr Bullimore's giant munitions factory. The townsfolk are against the idea until the professor's tea-making machine causes chaos at a council meeting and he is forbidden to invent anything until his inventor's permit is found. Evil Bullimore attempts to steal the permit and burn down the town hall blaming Branestawm but the tea-making machine proves to be a superb fire extinguisher and Branestawm is declared a hero 2014 Family Rating - 193 vote ratings - 6,5 / 10 Star

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9780140313512 0140313516 Professor Branestawm's Perilous Pudding, Norman Hunter, Derek Cousins 9780116627247 0116627247 London Gazette, 52724 22nd November, Great Britain 9781418407513 1418407518 Vehicle Care Manual, William R. Anderson 9780116628435 011662843X London Gazette, 52843 24th February, Great Britain. Logo Lj Fa, Floss Papers. Post jobs, find pros, and collaborate commission-free in our professional marketplace. A Puffin Book - Stories That Last a Lifetime. from Gemma Green-Hope Plus. 4 years ago. The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm Norman Hunter. Sitemap. 9780140311488 0140311483 Professor Branestawm's Do-it-yourself Handbook, Norman Hunter 9781879531215 1879531216 Er-Lang and the Suns - A Tale from China, Tony Guo, Euphine Cheung, Karl Edwards 9780133553970 0133553973 Measure For Measure - The Folio of 1623, William Shakespeare, Grace Ioppolo.

I remember those books! In primary school, I think I even dressed up as Professor Branestawm once (using a shower cap to create a high bald forehead, as I recall) for a “come dressed as your favourite book character” day. Im not going to rise to the bait about the Glorious Peoples Commissariat of Water Supply, of course.


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