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117 votes 7 of 10 Countries: India Release year: 2018 Info: An unconventional cop with a devil-may-care attitude sets out to end a ruthless criminal's reign of terror over a village

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I just love this move and Moana's hair gaaaaaaaaahhhh I'm in love! lol so jealous. So the antagonist looks cool, but I have a question: Moana is confirmed water bender, or the ocean recognizes her as the hero and thus responds to help her? Either way this looks pretty interesting.

Who is here after watching #ANS Avane Shrimanarayana trailer... Moana and Zootopia are my favourite Disney movies! ❤ I will work in Disney. You will see. 54.35 me Dekho movie ke laude lava die hai Uske galeme jo cross hai o dhyan se dekhna aur reply karna.


😍😍love the trailer n movie. cheesy and fun dialogues 😂😊sid and tara love them. Well-done.

Kharach re bhavano... Sheti pikli nhi tri Jamin tikvli pahije... 💪🙏


Achaa ray osm👍👍👍❤.

  1. Habemus Feminas!


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