The Pretending Lovers streaming

star: Bo Huang
Synopsis: Insurance sales Chen Wen is single for long, and encountered a suspiciously psycho girl (Shen Lu) who invited him to pretend as her boyfriend. When the girl terminated this game, they've found themselves fell in love unconsciously
rating: 70 vote
Writed by: Mia Jiao

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I hope I'm not posting too much. This all has been building up for years and it feels good to speak the truth. My mom's father, GF, died. He was a horrible asshole and someday I may post about some of his antics over in JNFamily. I spent most of my interactions with him de-escalating possible conflicts between him, his wife, and my family/relatives. I was sad when he died, and sad that he was pretty miserable and lonely by the time he died because he was so unpleasant. He had, about a year pri.

The Pretending Lovers - 假装情侣 'The Pretending Lovers' a new romantic comedy directed by Liu Fendou. The film, which was partly shot in Norway, focuses on a woman (Jiang Yi Yan) who decides to test her partner's (Huang Bo) affections by putting him through a series of bizarre challenges.






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