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2013 / 259 Votes / cast Olivier Desautel / Director Mia Engberg / Sweden

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❤ this series. This looked gay at first but then it took a weird turn.

The other girl looks like Finn Wolfhard 😂😂

Another movie that drives on good music, not on its plot. Everyone here are beautiful. My ship Ludo and Chi 😍😍. The vegans watching 🖤. AMAZING. Amazing stuffs watch yesterday, captivating. Why is this show only 6 episodes long and about 40 minutes each? Really? That's it? Couldn't make it 10 episodes long? Even that's too short. What happened to shows that were 20-25 episodes per season and 40 minutes long? I just finished episode 2 and the show hasn't even gotten into it's main plot line yet. I wish Netflix would make its originals atleast 15 episodes long.

Very good show, it's not perfect but the editing, acting and SOUNDTRACK OMG. it captures the melancholy of its characters very well. Also, a lot of very hot people. This show is so good. I already finished the second season they go through so much and I can really relate to how they all go through so much. The image of dumbo painted as a clown is heartbreaking, that's exactly how we treat animals for our entertainment, ban circuses, educate your children.

I bet they dont even have the part where hes drunk ffs.


Saw it 2 days ago! What a great movie! I recommend everyone here to watch it, but also keep in mind it is 14a and has a lot of swear words in it! but in total it was the movie of the year.

Who watches this in italian? Me cause I'm Italian 😂😂

Alice Pagani literally has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. Saw this last night, it's really good, It exceeded my expectations. I hope these two girls see the light and fall in love with each other. When's the season 3 coming out. The best movie I ever saw. 😫❤️❤️OML I'm gonna show this to my mom xD.


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