Carnage: Swallowing the Past download cinema movienight hq (android)

creators Simon Amstell
actor James Smith
8,7 / 10 Stars

Last Update: Sunday, 05-Jan-20 09:34:51 UTC


I'd recommend this film to every person. I've never seen a use of humor in this way to promote veganism, but i sure like it. This film is absurd, but also hilarious! Too bad it's only on BBC iplayer on the UK cause i would spread it in theaters. Simon Amstell is one hell of a guy. So show it to your friends. C'mon, I dare you.


Simon Amstell did a brilliant job with this mockumentary. It shows, in a nutshell, everything that is wrong with today's food trends and eating habits. And I am even not vegan. Yet. This will make me reconsider.


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