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❛Without Paying❜ Our New President Free Watch
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Yes, the date is 11/9 everywhere in the World aside from the USA, where it is 9/11. The Yanks live in a time-warp. I predict a major collapse of American democracy and the dollar with it the day after the American 2020 Presidential Election. I'm just trying to sort out how it would go down, because its going to happen, just a question of what sequence of events happens afterwards. So, like the flair says "Spoiler Alert"! :) The election happens, massive Russian interference and hacking occurs but for the most part the votes of most areas are correctly tabulated and Trump has taken a major beating. Trump decides that because of the voting irregularities "we're going to have to take a look at what happened before we make any decisions" he does NOT concede the election. Bernie makes victory speech anyways. Bill Maher says "Told ya so! " Two days go by and Trump still has not suggested that he has lost, only that there was a "major major amount of hacking going on and we're trying to determine how and where it happened and we're going to get back to you about that, but we think we won but that the votes were flipped in the Democrats favor, but we're looking in to it. Stay tuned folks! "... outrage starts to grow. Thousands upon thousands of "Open Carry" types march on Washington to 'secure the election results and make sure democracy is carried out'... 99% of them are Trump supporters. They leave in their wake 100s of used insulin needles across the NE USA. Kylie Jenner appeals for calm on Instagram. Because of the call to action a million supporters of Bernie Sanders leave work and also go to Washington armed with pink hats and protest signs. The police are overwhelmed and the media is over hyping the already dangerous situation. Everyone decides to stay in DC. It looks like an Occupy movement made up of two camps. Police start arresting people on both sides. Another day passes and the stock market is not doing very well.. massive drops following the marches and occupation. FBI makes announcement that the election results are skewed and they can't tell how but there was massive hacking within the election. The media makes the situation even worse by saying that exit polls don't match results in many situations although it does seem that Bernie Sanders won via exit data and that the hacking didn't affect much of the actual outcome. Kanye suggests that everyone should just stay cool and wait for things to sort out. Because of the revelations President Trump decides that he did not lose because incumbent Presidents rarely do and he is still President. The occupation in DC goes nuts and people start to riot. Police get out of the way until shots ring out, people are dead, no one knows what happened but people without guns wearing Pink Hats are down, and the media is reporting that Trump doesn't seem to be doing anything about the violence other than allowing the police to attempt to settle it down. People stop going to work, its like 9-12 all over again, everyone is just watching their flavor of news broadcast, getting more and more worked up as the media talks about stolen elections, authoritarianism, and "this is how it happened in Germany" rants. Rachel Maddow has a 6 hour long election coverage special where she lays out just how we all got here. How the GoP refused to secure the elections. How it was common knowledge that the voting machines were not tamper resistant at all. How voter fraud could barely cover all of this. She is one of the lone voices coming out completely against Trump, CNN is being neutral and boring and suggesting that maybe we should have another election. Tucker Carleson says Democrats are just sore losers and that perhaps if we can't have free and fair elections we should just decide who gets to be President some other way. The next day the Stock Market plummets on opening bell, Americas allies have no faith in it anymore. United States Supreme Court begins to deliberate on the election outcome. Bernie Sanders makes a speech about "the end of American democracy if we do not fight tooth and nail for it! ".. he's banned from r/politics for "advocating violence" when he mentioned fighting. Trump hotels and properties are vandalized and attacked by protesters. Kylie Jenner appears in her Instagram posing while wearing a beret and holding an AK47. Media continues to stoke the fires, Fox News makes a call for all Patriots to go to Washington and their state capitols "to defend them from tyranny"! Mitch McConnel suggests that the real issue was with people who did not have the right to vote voting in the election and demands a recount of Florida and other key (very black) states and an investigation in to voter fraud. MSNBC continues to ask why the GoP did not do more to secure the elections. More people start making their way towards Washington to defend the protesters there that were being shot at. Trump finally calls in National Guard "to get these people, these protesters causing all the damage to our nations capitol off the streets and in prisons where they belong".. riots worsen, cops are hurt, buildings are set on fire in DC. Cities all over America hold protests and rallies, some are violent, many people being hurt, hospitals are not flooded but seeing a major increase in violent injuries from street fighting. Because of the increase in protesters and lack of national guard on scene, more Bernie supporters arrive, some of them are armed, some of the Trump supporters are shot and wounded. Police from all surrounding areas now descending on DC. National Guard about to deploy. USSC has an announcement later in the afternoon but waits until NG on scene in DC. Supreme Court decides 5-4 that Donald Trump is to remain President. DC erupts in chaos. Trump orders the National Guard to "target the protesters, not the law abiding gun owners protecting the capitol from them". Many National Guard troops quit on the spot over the obvious theft of the election. DC is unsecured as shooting starts on both sides, ex-NG troops make up the bulk of the Bernie Supporters covering the unarmed protesters and firing back at the those "defending" the White House from the protesters. The shooting goes on until early morning, Trump calls in the military. Tanks arrive on the streets of DC. "Finally", thinks Trump. The stock market crashes, Trump suggests foul play by those who hacked the election. Bernie Sanders vows to lead resistance against Trump himself. Many US cities are in flames. Open Carry Trump supporters walk the streets along side Police making sure that the protesters don't break anything else, many people are murdered. Outrage all over the internet, other nations look at America in disgust, many are saying that they will have to reevaluate their relationship with the United States and look to another nation for world leadership.. maybe Germany. Reports start to come in that Kanye West has been shot in an altercation in his home, he has died. Kylie Jenner is in custody. National Guard troops on many American streets. WalMart parking lots being used as detention and supply areas for troops. No one is buying anything anyways. Trump supporters can sign up to be in a special branch of Law Enforcement which will help assist law enforcement in their communities with trouble makers and petty crimes taking place. "Trump Squad" is officially formed, and you can register online and go to your local recruiting office for instructions on training programs. The next day while many are back at work reports start to come in about an attack on a middle school in the middle of nowhere in Texas. Then reports about it happening in Arizona. Southern California. Many confusing reports about shootings in schools and towns along the US southern boarder. It takes all day but Police from around the state merge to the areas where the reports are coming from and neutralize the attackers. A couple thousand people are dead, very many of them children, its one of the worst terror attacks in US history, with nearly as many people wounded as were killed in 9-11. Investigators will quickly discover the orgy of evidence on the attackers bodies and in their cars which indicates that they are ex-Iranian Republican Guard members who with the assistance of the drug cartels in Mexico were able to acquire automatic weapons on the US boarder and use them to extinguish the lives of many Americans in a suicide run on schools and community centers businesses and malls in America. "These terrorists looked to gain an advantage while we were distracted by the antics of a party of sore losers. But we will not fall, we will be strong, stronger than ever and we will retaliate against those that attacked us and they will pay very very dearly for attempting to sabotage us while were exercising our democracy. " Trump Squad members go on a tear throughout America getting revenge for the attacks on anyone who is brown and vulnerable. National Guard and Military kill many on both sides while trying to settle the nation down. Trump moves American troops on to the border, for real this time, suggests that he might have to take the guns away from "everyone". Troops move 5km in to Mexico to protect Americans living on the border. Emergency Border Wall construction begins very seriously, with USMC engineering squads providing most of the labor initially but in the coming months those arrested for illegally entering the country will be forced on to chain gangs to fill and carry sandbags to help support border security. America is said to be under an occupation of its own military and police by nations critical of the events in the USA. Americans start to appeal to the UN for help and many flee to friends and relatives in Canada and Mexico, 10, 000 of them are "DACA dreamers" escaping ICE persecution. Trump signs an executive order authorizing an immediate retaliatory attack on Iran and while congress protests because they have limited his authority on Iran significantly, there are only too many Admirals in the US Navy only too willing to follow his orders. Iran protests its innocence and claims that the terrorists were not on orders from Tehran. Iran suggests that the terrorists were somehow coerced in to committing the attack since they had nothing to gain and it was a suicide mission and suspects that elements of a foreign nation forced the men to carry out the attack. Mexico says that its ridiculous that the cartels would help Iran, there is nothing in it for them, nothing to be gained.. everyone is now calling for a border wall. Tomahawk missiles rain down on Iran anyways. Iran overwhelms antimissile defenses in Saudi Arabia and Israel and oil refineries and Tel Aviv are completely leveled. 1000s of American troops in Iraq are killed, the bases then overrun by Iraqi freedom fighters, then by the latest incarnation of ISIS. Israel nukes Tehran. Millions are dead. ICE in cooperation with the military begins to round up anyone with any ties to Mexico/Iran and puts them in massive emergency holding facilities. Bernie Sanders and Rachel Maddow are arrested for plotting a coup against the Administration. MSNBC/CNN are ordered to be "nice to the President during this difficult time". Internet mass censorship starts to appear in America for the first time, users noticing posts are disappearing if they are critical of Trump. Computers and devices of those critical of the war start to malfunction or simply stop working. Websites of Democratic party users stop responding to requests, its like they are no longer online. Since he acted without approval of congress they move to censure him and multi day long argument ensues as to whether he had the right to retaliated against Iran or not. Trump threatens Nancy Pelosi with imprisonment if she doesn't start to act properly. Trump issues an order restricting all new gun sales, gun stores all over the US start to panic.. Trump assures everyone "this is temporary until ICE and the military get a handle on troubled individuals looking to sow chaos in our communities".. all their inventories are seized, no records of what was taken are made. Polls find that people who previously supported Biden during his run for President are now supportive of Trump in his efforts to combat terror in the US and overseas. Biden says he is supportive of the Presidents efforts in this time of need, and so should we all be. Other countries begin to move Troops towards Israel as surviving Iranian troops and civilians organize to strike back against Israel. Jordan is unable to stop the flood of troops pouring in to the country and might not be trying to. Lebanon and Syria attempt to shell positions in Israel. Palestinian protests fire 1000s of grenades and drones in to Israel. Saudi Arabia appeals for calm while bombing convoys on route to Israel. In an effort to boost the stock market Trump releases a new tax plan that allows anyone making over 1 million dollars a year to invest in the markets instead of paying taxes. Ivanka opens a new company which supplies food and medicine to rich people in need during civil unrest. People start to find shelves empty in stores as panic buying begins. Rush and Alex Jones begin to make millions selling products designed to protect white people from brown people. A joke starts to go around the world " A Progressive, a Centrist, and a Trump Supporter are admiring a painting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The Trump Supporter says, “They must be Progressives; they’re naked, and they’re eating fruit. ” The Centrist says, “Clearly, they’re Centrists — observe how politely the man is offering the woman the fruit. ” The Progressive notes, “They are Trump Supporters, of course. They have nothing to wear, nothing to eat, and they think they are in paradise. ” Saturday Night Live is cancelled. Colbert is replaced by Tucker Carleson on The Late Show. Seth Myers is in hiding with Bill Maher. "Covfefe" added to Websters Dictionary. It is very recommended by the administration that everyone watch one hour of Fox News every day. "Pollsters" from "Trump Squad" go door to door to ask people what they liked about what they saw on Fox that day. Its found that people are being "revenge murdered" in the night by their own neighbors, people are puzzled how this could happen in their communities and they are scared the police may be allowing these revenge murders to occur. Rogue "Trump Squad" members suspected to be the perpetrators. Some people in smaller communities start sleeping in shifts in their homes. The entire US military is mobilized for deployment to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel to help to secure those countries and find the rest of the terrorists scattered through out the entire middle east, operations against any and all countries friendly or not begin if the CIA or Military intelligence feels there is ample reason to go in to them to kill targets. Its not even February yet, but as the radioactive cloud of debris from the Israeli attack on Tehran slowly begins to encircle the globe. World War 3 has begun in the Middle East, Americans start dropping bombs on convoys headed in its direction, but Trump has secured his future as President, maybe forever now that the all of America looks like Atlantic City and all for his personal benefit and the billionaires that supported his efforts to oppress anyone who stood against them. However.. a small faction of individuals, no one knew who they were or why they did it, but some suspect they were made up of people from Afghanistan who had lost everything during the war they were caught between the Taliban and the American occupation forces, it was rumored some had relatives stuck inside Guantanamo for nearly 20 years. Using information gained from the Russians long before their puppet gained the Presidency they snuck in to unsecured facilities that were critical for power distribution in the US. Wearing explosive vests they blew themselves and those facilities up simultaneously, placing America in the dark permanently.. and the rest of the world wondering what has happened to it, only Ham Radio signals are getting out of the USA and the general consensus is that no one knows what happened (outside of a few people who knew that facilities exploded for some reason but stories even first hand ones are sketchy at best).. everyone is literally in the dark. Then the radio broadcasts stop too. A week after the US power grid goes down Canada closes its boarder due to 'security concerns'. 4 days later after a flood of Americans "on vacation" have poured in to Mexico it also closes its boarder with the USA. It stands alone in North America. Trade deals break down completely. Trump suspends civil liberties, America is under martial law. Police have the right to shoot on sight anyone caught outside after curfew, without question. Wars erupt in the streets of America over food and safety issues, many are put down quickly by drone strike. "Trump Squad" is semi-officially disbanded although many continue to act as spies for the military occupation in exchange for food and medicine and fuel. Congressional Members protest the suspension of civil liberties, but after some are arrested the others fall in line. The Euro replaces the American dollar as the standard international currency. The Average American is now sitting in the dark, in the cold in Mid-December, they have no money and no savings not that there is anything to buy anyways. There is no electronic communication, the local paper when it does publish, a few pages are stuck cork boards in towns and city centers suggest that "everything is going to be okay, and the people who attacked the electrical grid are going to pay for what they did to our country". People start to die from the shortages of medication and power as it gets colder. People are hunting and camping in National Parks for basic survival. "Trump took my guns AND my insulin! I maybe got a week or so to live unless I get some medication, we're hoping the Nat Guard comes through with it... and I was on Trump Squad since day one dammit! Just not fair! ".. says Leopold A. Maface Work gangs are formed up of people without critical rolls, basically everyone who had a minimum wage job before the 2020 election unless they can prove that they voted for the administration is forced to work to dig coal to provide fuel and heat for the towns and cities they live in. People are burning garbage and wood to stay warm and for cooking, the smog over America is thick and it mingles with the radioactive debris in the atmosphere made of Iranians who were living in Tehran.. its still burning 5 months after the strike putting megatons of cancerous pollutants in to the air every day. Counties down wind of the strike protest but no one listens since the entire region is in flames anyways. The Mexican military begins rounding up Americans who have over stayed their visas and deporting them back. Many are found working for cartels as look outs and courtesans, without proper documentation its difficult for them to find gainful employment. Americans can't work or won't work are placed in detention centers far from where they live, they are never seen again but crematoriums across America are working day and night and bodies are only being mostly burned. The remaining remains are placed in mass graves and burned once more with white phosphorus and can be seen for miles with smoke that ironically reminds some people of their time at Burning Man. Mitch McConnell does a rail and says, "I've finally destroyed America for their war on the South. So many of those disgusting poors are finally dead and their ancestors and history in this country erased.. but so much more left to do though isn't there? ".. Putin picks up his glass toasts him, takes a sip and helps himself to some nose candy "But this evening let us just enjoy our success. ", he says in flawless English with only a mild accent as the head of the young girl he had stashed under the table the two were sitting at bobbed up and down over his lap. Trump looks out over the White House front lawn at the tanks, troops and the fires burning across Washington and thinks to himself.. "I've done it.. I showed them all! ".

The records are sealed. Something is stranger than we know. Cloning? CIA? Artificial insemination? The list goes on and on. There are questions that need to be answered and we dont know what to ask. It's 2018. Trump is President 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ! best night of my life.

Hahah, this is a manifestation of a mental illness making a film

Its almost painful to listen to these ppl.


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(If you need assistance with online reservations, please visit the… 40 Lincoln Center Plaza (65th St and Columbus Ave), New York, NY 8 PM source: Bronx Saturday Cinema, 2/15 Southside With You Docudrama about Barack Obama’s first date with Michelle Robinson, his future wife, during the summer of 1989 in Chicago. Starring Tika Sumpter, Parker Sawyers, © Miramax Pictures. 2016 Run Time 160m… 2521 Glebe Avenue, Bronx, NY 2 PM source: Shape Up NYC: Free Body Conditioning, 2/19 Shape Up NYC is a free citywide fitness program run by NYC Parks, in partnership with NYC Service and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, that targets neighborhoods with high rates of obesity and obesity– related disease. 1215 Morrison Avenue, Bronx, NY 5:30 PM source: Woodstock Crochet Club, 2/20 Come meet your fellow sititchers in the neighborhood. Bring along your latest project to share. Limited supplies provided. 761 East 160th Street, Bronx, NY 11 AM source: Brooklyn Bring Your Own Film, 2/17 Bring your weird, boring, wild, fun, strange and not-so strange videos. We'll play any video you bring us, as long as it's under 10 minutes long and made by you. Bring Your Own Film is an informal space for filmmakers to show smaller projects, works-in-progress, or anything that might not have a home yet. Come drink cheap beer, eat free popcorn, meet new people, and watch films. If you have a project you'd like to share, bring it. Shoestring Studio 640 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn 7:30p door, 8p screening; $free bringyourownfilm]at] source: Next Slide Please, 2/17 All-PowerPoint comedy show. Next Slide Please asks comedians to prepare and present PowerPoints about whatever they want. Past audiences have learned about the best Manhattan street corners for first-date make-outs, exciting start-up investment opportunities, and the charms of the 2003 Jessica Alba vehicle Honey. Hosted by Reed Kavner. The night's lineup includes Rachel Pegram, Carmen Christopher, Miel Breudow, and Charlotte Barnett. Pine Box Rock Shop 12 Grattan Street, Brooklyn 9p; $free source: The Improv Jam, 2/18 Just your classic Improv Jam! Everyone who attends this show will have a chance to perform improv on the UCBT Hell's Kitchen stage! Put your name in the Bucket of Truth, then jam with students, performers, and faculty. The show isn't over until everyone has had a chance to perform, all in a fun, supportive environment! All experience levels welcome! 555 W 42nd Street, New York, NY 6 PM source: Jewish Material Culture: Home and Food, 2/19 This lecture examines household artefacts such as furniture, cooking utensils, storage vessels, bathing and washing amenities, and illumination implements as they appear in various Geniza documents and in contemporary literature including, responsa, travelogues, and poetry. This data will be correlated with archaeological findings. Through these domestic objects the meaning of home for contemporary people is better understood. The lecture will also touch upon food, its preparation, consumption, and cultural significance. Delivered by Miriam Frenkel. Bard Graduate Center 38 West 86th Street, Lecture Hall, Manhattan 6-7:30p; $free source: Opening Reception for Christie Neptune: Constructs and Context Relativity, 2/19 Join us at the opening reception for a multi-media exhibition in BRIC's Project Room exploring notions of race, urban decay, community, and the hidden potential in absence. 647 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 7 PM source: BRIC Opening Reception for Death Becomes Her, 2/19 Join us for the opening reception of Death Becomes Her, a group exhibition exploring how death and the grieving process impact the living. 647 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 7 PM source: BRIC Opening Reception for Padma Rajendran: Move Me With You, 2/19 Join us at the opening reception for an interactive installation in BRIC's Hallway consisting of dyed and printed fabric drawings selectively sewn and layered over one another to reveal layered stories, transitions, and re-telling. 647 Fulton St. Brooklyn, NY 11217 7 PM source: BRIC The Art of Dying: A Monthly Death Cafe, 2/20 What might we plan, hope, dream, imagine as we consider our mortality? The Ethical Living Committee at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture is championing a series for shared discussion and contemplation on death and dying. All topics welcome. There are no taboos. Shatzi Weisberger and others will begin each evening with a facilitated activity. Each gathering will be followed by a Death Cafe for open and intimate conversations. Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture 53 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn 6:30-8:30p; $free source: Gyun Hur: I Wouldn't Know Any Other Way, 2/21 A performance series where artist Gyun Hur interacts with her installation in a meditation on loss, trauma, and impermanence. 647 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 3 PM source: BRIC Celebrating Black History: Black TV Matters, Reclaiming the Narrative 2/22 As part of BRIC's Black History is American History Month programming, we are proud to partner with Weeksville Heritage Center to screen three pieces centered around social justice and activism: Why Kaep Kneels by Hadasah Cornell, Artistic Reflections by Melvin Isaac, and Objective Opinion by James Woods. 158 Buffalo Ave, Brooklyn 2 PM source: BRIC Staten Island Roots of American Music, 2/18 Hip-hop, blues, jazz, and soul are all cornerstones of American music. They’re also all built on African American traditions. Listen with us and explore the history behind jams you love. 75 Bennett Street, Staten Island, NY 3 PM source: Adult Afternoon Hikes, 2/19 Enjoy the crisp winter weather as we stroll through different Staten Island Greenbelt trails with Greenbelt educators and a naturalist. Designed for adults ages 18+ who want to spend time in nature and socialize. For more information and to register, please call (718) 351-3450. Greenbelt Nature Center (In Blood Root Valley), Staten Island 1:30 PM source: Winter Bird Hike, 2/20 Join our educators to learn more about finding and identifying winter residents here in the Greenbelt. Bring your own binoculars or borrow a pair of ours. All ages. Greenbelt Nature Center (In Blood Root Valley), Staten Island 11:30 AM source: I would like to give an honarary mention to the NYCT holiday transit show, which is ending soon. It is easy-access (in Grand Central), interesting, and super low-key. You can just pop in and stay however long you like. Shameless self promotion: you can search through my collected events here. The search feature is very simple, but tune in next week when I will have better filtering methods. Also, some of the public art are a little wonky.

The democrats are going to throw away their center left voters by cuddling up with the socialists. Any one else here ever seen whare to invade next. Haha this made me laugh looks funny and light hearted. Much better than I would have expected.










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