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release Date 2017
Movie Info 100 year old Dorothy Toy is a living dance legend. I chronicle her amazing journey starting from her childhood to her celebrating a century of life devoted to dance
Genre Music, Biography

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The Dorothy toy story 2. The Dorothy Toy Story Read more there Whom Watch The Dorothy Toy full movie todaypk THE * TOY English Full Online. Plz tell me someone see a Panada head jamming out in the back ground?😂. I love watching this. Can't count how many times I've watched this. 💙.

The person playing the tin man is so good at dancing and i loved dororthy. Very clever and rather well-done. However, two questions arise: 1. How did they manage to find the money for this production? Most schools can't provide funds for the art department/arts department to produce anything like this. 2. Where did they find the time to practice and keep up with their studies.

The Dorothy Toy story 8. These kids should be so proud, it takes a lot of time and discipline to be able to pull off the kind off the choreography as well as they did... Amazing. I feel sorry for the kids looking at the back of the performance. The Dorothy toy story 3. What the. Are you kidding me? Wow, so talented on every level. Pack your bags team for New York City. Juilliard scholarships for each and every one of them. I saw this LIVE today! It was SO awesome. This is SO AMAZING. I feel so SPECIAL TO HAVE SEEN IT LIVE! OMG. Dancing through life the dorothy toy story. Bru, they we're gettin down. 💖💖💖💖💖.

I love that Dorothy is wearing red sneakers instead of heels. The Dorothy to story. The Dancers are AMAZING, the routine is AMAZING, and the choreographer has to be OFF THE CHARTS. Absolutely brilliant. You know that there is one MJ that would have LOVED every second of this. The Dorothy toy story. The dorothy toy story 4. This is like a more hip hop version of my ballet dance recital tho. Like our scarecrow did a cartwheel in her dance too. This is a quality dance team for high school good job! That one kid who stood up at the end has got the right idea. I see myself again, sitting in the crowd like the good student that I am. Lets give choreographer/s applause. 4:18 Did I just see. A witch twerking. I've officially seen it all. This is one of the best things ive watched in my entire life. Much love from Canada.

My school cant even have pep rallies with our small gym yet along a whole performance 😅.
The Dorothy Toy story 7.
The Dorothy Toy story.

SSSOOOO GGOOODDDDD. This one gave me chills! Are these student choreographed performances or teacher. These people are so talented. Awesome energy, choreo, music editing, and outfits! I wish more schools had this much talent and energy in their dance teams! Really liked how you ended it with Pentatonix's Wizard of Ahhhs Amazing job! 💛💛💛. That was amazing but i can't help to think Kanye's Heartless would have been so great for the tin man. The wiz started playing and i almost broke my hand because i slammed it on a table trying to turning it up.


If I wasnt sold before, when I heard the Wiz. I definitely am now. I can't believe this was performed by high school students. Professional from start to finish. As good as anything on Broadway. Take this show on the road. Dancing through life: the dorothy toy story. The dorothy day story revolution of the heart. My uncle Jimmy and auntie were in this documentary, kinda cool to see em at such a young age. Man. why can't my high school pep rallies be like this. The dorothy toy story. Wow this always amazes me, wow such good dancing, So creative and interesting Classic but with a modern twist #DanceOff. LOVED... The fact that they used music from “The Wiz”.💖.

The Dorothy Toy story 3. The dorothy day story.
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