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runtime 89minute rating 6,8 of 10 Genre Crime brief On his way to high school, Huang witnesses the death of Chia, a teenager in their high school, along with Lin and Yeh, the other 2 students from their high school, whom Huang has never known before. Her dead body lies in front of them, and this shocking image ties their fates together, and this twisted fate is going to change their high school lives forever cause they are now partners in crime... Because of all different reasons, Huang, Yeh, and Lin start their own investigations in order to find out the truth for Chia's death! Liked it 228 Votes

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I LOVEEEE JANG DOYEONNNNN SHE'S THE PRETTIEST COMEDIAN. The exact reaction of mine... But I don't know I might be stand or not.


Jang Do Yeon sure is funny, I really enjoyed watching the show because of her. But the highlight of this is COFFEE PRINCE. Gong Yoo says Coffee Prince is one of his most special projects in his career. He is grateful that it reawakened his passion for acting and allowed him to come this far! And according to an interview done in 2007, He said Yoon Eun Hye was so enthusiastic and was so into her role (which earned her best actress at Baeksang arts awards, youngest in history) despite the stress and headaches she was experiencing. Gong Yoo couldn't help but feel the same enthusiasm. YEH helped him kindle his passion for acting, and thus he could come this far. So please stop the hate for YEH.



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