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Genres: Adventure Resume: In 1933, a boy named Will who idolizes the legendary Lone Ranger encounters the elderly Comanche Tonto in a sideshow at a San Francisco fair. Tonto proceeds to recount his experiences with that Old West adventurer. In 1869, lawyer John Reid returns home to Colby, Texas, via the uncompleted Transcontinental Railroad, managed by railroad tycoon Latham Cole. Unknown to Reid, the train is also carrying Tonto and outlaw Butch Cavendish, who is being transported for his hanging after being captured by Dan Reid, John's Texas Ranger brother. Cavendish's gang rescues Butch and derails the train. Tonto is subsequently jailed. Dan deputizes John as a Texas Ranger, and with six others they go after the Cavendish gang Tomatometer: 7 of 10 Star USA actor: Tom Wilkinson

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Just watched this movie tonight, together with my wife and son. It is a pleasure to sit in the cinema with pop corn at hand to enjoy the two-and-a-half-hour movie.
To be honest, the plot is a little bit too simple. Takes me less than half-hour to figure out who the baddie is. Still, I like it, esp. the part of white horse running on top of the train with a background of symphonic music. Is this something borrowed from Apocalypse Now (fleet of choppers cruising in the background of Wagner)
For the plot, it looks like to be a mix of Once Upon a Time in the West 1968 (the train, and the beautiful widow. Zorro 1975 (man with eye-mask on horseback. Dance with Wolves (the story of Indians, and their conflict with whites.
Just one question: In the end, why Tondo asked John Reid to stop waving his hat in hi-ho silver.



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