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If you have a scientific mind, and spiritual stuff is kinda mumbo jumbo or just really out there for you. Then this movie is for you.
If you love and know spirit, or are a seeker. Then this movie is for you.
Nothing more needs to be said but IMDb requires ten lines to post a review. Well, in that case, I will share that as I went on this masterful journey, every cell in my body quieted down. My minded became soothed, my logic became satiated, my devil's advocate went to take a nap. I felt love stir in my heart, for no reason with no object. I felt a deep desire to go try this at home... Ah, too waken the inner self. Shine outwardly you will, Within singularity of Now we Are. I hope you know how loved you are. Everything you could ever want or need is here now, in your heart. You are enough. You are whole. There is nothing you can add or take away that will change this.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha. That moment when you awake me with your comment. Watch Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds (parts 1-4, Amazon Prime, Youtube.

He forgot to mention the healing process, skin heals in spirals

Wonderful. Download 'Inner Worlds, Outer' MOJOboxoffice. LOOKING Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds movie download. English Full Movie Free Download Inner Worlds, here i recommend. This brings me back. When I am back I am aware. This puts me in the room. The blackest dome. Made of sound. It re minds me of the eternity before conception. Thank you 🙏. When my awareness have grown from self-inquiry, I come back to this film and understand much deeper then before. Troubled; when he is troubled he will marvel, and he will reign over the universe. Seek Samadhi... Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds.


This was the most beautiful thing I found on youtube, thanks a whole lot. Je pense que c'est une illusion orgueilleuse que de vouloir gagner les sphères célestes par nos propres moyens, et le Prince de ce monde flatte lorgueil et la vanité, il connait nos faiblesses. Ne cherchez pas à dépasser votre « soi » pour passer à un autre « soi » moins imparfait qui, de dépassements en dépassements, vous porterait à la dernière sublimation de votre dernier « soi immanent». Les exercices, qui vont en ce sens sont très dangereux car ils ouvrent les centres psychiques (chakras) cest alors une porte ouverte pour les symbiotes de l'inframonde qui cherchent à sincarner. "Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds. The 2 hour Award winning documentary of the ancient teachings of consciousness.

If you need a Brazilian portuguese translator let me know. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds changed my life. Thank you. Watch Inner Worlds, Full Movie Online Free Streaming. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 2 - The Spiral. Thank you so much, I have been suffering with PTSD for a very long time, I have been feeling that my PTSD has caused many blockages in my life ( not being able to receive - abundance) Always feeling trapped of the past! Today whilst listening, I had flashbacks of situations that occurred, things that happened that I knew that I had to face and let go! I feel an amazing shift within me and within my mind. The real success is going back into the past and not been able to face my fears. Thank you so much 😊.



Inner Worlds Outer Worlds.

Watch Inner Worlds Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds - Part 1 - Akasha. (77)5.331min2012NR. There is one vibratory field that connects all things. It has been called Akasha, Logos, the. Inner Worlds Outer Worlds, Gaia. Inner Worlds Outer Worlds/ Awaken the World Initiative - About.


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