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Stars Magnus Carlsen

Creator Linn-Jeanethe Kyed

Synopsis Magnus Carlsen, Norwegian chess prodigy, becomes a grandmaster at age 13 and world champion in 2013

genre Documentary

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Magnus enters the Webway and penetrates the psychic barrier around the Imperial Palace. (M31, colorized. I have followed Magnus Carlsen since he was around 13 years old. Here in Norway we have of course got to know him very well thru the years, he was a boy we sort of all watched grow up to become the highest ranked chess player of all time. And the road to the top has been entertaining, thrilling and inspiring.
This documentary show us a lot of images from Magnus youth, all the way back to when he was very young, before he even started playing chess. The documentary is for the most part linear in it's storytelling, and is also very "by the book" in it's presentation. Very little new is told that I didn't already know. What i hadn't seen much of before was these private family film clips, which this documentary shows a lot of. And they are IMO the strong part of the documentary, followed by narration, mostly done by Magnus father.
But here is also the documentary's weak point, it's linear storytelling, a story which I and most Norwegians already know, i can't but feel it becomes a bit repetitive. It feels like the documentary is a sort of a flat textbook tale that we all know how ends, and what we all know contains.
And the documentary is short, it runs at just above 1 hour, and i feel that it shouldn't have ended where it did, and far to few interviews were done with key people to try and get a better understanding of what goes on, and why Magnus is such a big deal. The only thing i can think of that resulted in the exclusion of these interviews is that they didn't have the money, and therefor it also feels like this documentary wasn't really taken as seriously as it should. Because i can't believe the director didn't want this film to include interviews with players like Anand and Agdestein, among many others, to further tell this story.
This documentary could have been a lot more exiting. One thing i would have wanted from it is to hear what other champions felt and learned facing Magnus on the board.
I also felt that the super cuts with all the media clips was poorly done, here it seemed like the director actually knew he was "only" making a very predictable documentary, basically just showing Magnus from A to B with a tension chess game at the end. Almost like he just rushed to the end to show us why he wanted to make this documentary in the first place. To say: Magnus is the best chess player in the world.
It's just that, we all know this already.
I actually wanted to see those media clips, and i also wanted to see when those clips where aired, to give us a clear picture on how Magnus progressed, month by month, when he was closing in to the top. And as i already mentioned, i already knew these things from reading the newspapers here in my country, but for viewers anywhere else, this would have helped a lot to the story. But instead these clips are cut and mixed in such a way they become babble and a mess, and this was IMO a mistake.
The documentary does however have many good moments as well. It's just that i feel i don't know Magnus much better now than i did before i saw it. This might be completely different for people that don't know much about him of course, but the film is still a very safe tale told in a safe linear pattern, and moves very carefully in it's presentation.
6/10 - decent.

Anton and Isaac really nice guys. We appreciate you hanging out with such great people. MAGNUS. God bless you guys. Dude i would love to learn how to rock climb from Magnus. Ive been watching your vids for a min and now this upcoming tuesday i decided to ask a girl to go rock climbing with me as a date. Shhh dont tell her i just wanna climb because of you xD I wanna start going alot and get super into it. So I mostly use youtube videos and sometimes read articles on the Lex/Fandom wikis, and one WH40k video detailed the events of the Horus Heresy and brought up Magnus who was apparently trying to warn or keep Horus from falling. Basically there was a point where Magnus stepped into the Warp or his mind was temporarily transferred to the Warp, but in it he said it was a vision, and he spoke with the corrupted version of Horus, and Magnus called him out as a Daemon trying to deny it, and this Futu.

6:40 noticing you gave your opponent M3 (rook sac! then trying to act cool about it: head tilt, lip bite. Hmm, decent. Still playable... The relief on Naka's face after Magnus missed the mate is priceless. That was a really cool video Magnus and Marte! Also, you are a cute couple. good luck! Hope more interesting content is coming, love Japan. Magnus supported the gays before it was cool. To watch it in 4K you have to wait for youtube to process the video. Never know how long that takes😩.


3:26 why magnus stopped. I want to say to Chessbase India and to everyone that Carlsen is great. But Chessbase India I request you to please make a video of 10-15 minutes on the topic: 1) How to and especially what to practice at home in chess? How to improve using books? Which books can be used for preparing all the main three things of chess? What are the things on which we should spend less time, on which thing we should spend more time? Which books are good for players of Cateogry C which is below 1600 or below 1500? By this much you would have understood what am I asking for. Please help me out in this as I also think this is a good topic to make a video on and many chess players would like to know the answer of this question. (Those who think that this is a topic on which video should be made, can please like this comment so that the channel can know how much people want a video on this.

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Godly Magnus poster for the 24

7:42 dont worry i got you m8. Magnus reacts like I do when I win a pawn against a higher rated player. Magnus - Sinelock 2019 [Perfecto Fluoro] 2019. New fave band💕try niyo pakinggan yung “imahe” ang ganda. Anton is a great russian, he's good at every sport he tries.



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